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Gary Bassett Is a Man of Many Talents

Gary Bassett is a person of many talents and likes to stay busy. He enjoys being involved in a variety of different organizations, bridged together by his financial expertise and dedication to community service.

Gary is highly educated, having received his Master of Business Administration from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. During his time at SMU, he was involved in student organizations such as the MBA Association and the Dallas Hall Society.

Gary has held a variety of high-level positions within respected financial organizations. He served as an investment banker for Morgan Guaranty Trust in New York, New York. He also worked as a senior vice president for Bank of America for eight years and served as the president of MicroBank Software for eight years.

Gary has a passion for community service and philanthropy, having contributed his financial expertise to benefit a variety of causes he cares deeply about. His passion for community service began in his youth, during which he served as an Eagle Scout. Gary has served as treasurer of his Parent-Teacher Organization for seven years and as president of the Reach for the Stars Foundation for eight years. Currently, he serves as the director and sole investment manager for the Red River Valley Council. Over the past 14 years, he has overseen the distribution of over $4 million in donations from the Red River Valley Council to people with disabilities.

Gary is a dedicated father and hopes to leave behind a legacy that is rooted in strength and generosity for his son, Michael.

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