Awful BlaBlaCar Experience


When it comes to intercity transport, I can't forget my experience with BlaBlaCar. Yes, BlaBlaCar may look good because it provides car rides that save time and money. However, BlaBlaCar drivers are not always reliable and you may end up wasting your time on it.

Let me tell a story of mine

One day I was in Brussels and planned to go to Ghent in the afternoon. I checked BlaBlaCar and saw a ride from Brussels to Ghent in the afternoon that still had a vacancy. It was at a low price and faster than the train. Of course, I thought it was a good choice, so I made a reservation. The information on BlaBlaCar told me to meet up with the driver at the front gate of XXX Metro Station (I forget the name of that station. Maybe Midi) at 2pm and described what his car looked like; so I arrived at that metro station before two o'clock and kept looking around to search for the car. But when it reached two o'clock, I still didn't see the car, so I rang the driver. The driver said: "I've already arrived at XXX Metro Station. If you're there, I'm sure you can see my car. I'm just beside McDonald's. " However, I looked around, only to see no McDonald's nearby. I became upset and started to ask passersby for help but none of them spoke English. I finally found two police officers and asked them, they spoke English. They confirmed that I was indeed at XXX Metro Station, but they also told me there was no McDonald's here. I felt confused, so I rang the driver again. He was sure that there was a McDonald's beside him and told me to make haste. But still, I could find no McDonald's near the station. At ten past two, the driver texted me: "We're leaving now for Ghent. I'm busy and can't wait any longer. Sorry. " So he left for Ghent. I was left alone at the metro station, totally confused. At last, I went to the railway station and bought a ticket to Ghent in the evening. That day I arrived in Ghent much later than I should have.

Therefore, in terms of reliability and predictability, I don't recommend BlaBlaCar. In this respect, travelling by bus is the best choice, I believe.

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