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Published by Manoj Pradeep — 8 years ago

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Hey guys, In my previous entry I just wrote about some fascinating facts about the human brain. Today I just wanted to continue with the same topic with a small difference. In this entry I want to share with you all some fascinating stuffs about the rest of the human body apart from our brain. Humans are the most complex form of life in this planet and each little new fact that we get to know about it make us feel amazed over ourselves. Here I would like to share with you some such facts of that sort.

Hairs and Nails are the two structures in the human body that are considered to have no essential function. However people often care more about these structures. For example women tend to show much care towards their nail and hair as they form an essential part of their beauty and so do men they care for their hair and pray for getting a cool hair cut each time they visit a saloon. So here are some fun facts you would be amazed on reading them:


  1. Hairs, especially facial hair grows at a rate faster than any other part in your body. You could have noticed it in your day to day life if you are not a regular shaver. If left unshaved you may get a beard of about 30 feet during your whole life.
  2. Everyday before you go to bed you had lost 60 strands of hair and that is pretty normal as this rate depends upon various external and internal factors such as age, sex, pregnancy, diet, etc.
  3. Men's hair have a 50% higher diameter than women's hair and this makes it obvious that men have coarse hair than female. And girls you may have to accept this fact, despite being jealous of them.
  4. A single strand of human hair can support about two candy bars so we have thousands of hair in our head, this can actually prove that the story of Rapunzel is true.
  5. The speed in which the nail grows is related to the length of your finger, the nail in your longest finger grows faster and the nail your shortest finger grows slower. The nail in the middle finger of your dominant hand grows faster than other nail since is the longest finger. However why the nail in the dominant hand grows faster than the other hand is still unclear.
  6. We have as much hair in our body as the chimpanzee but as our hair strands in the other parts of the body are too fine to be seen.
  7. A scientific data proves that blondes have more hair than other. On an average the total amount of hairs is around 100, 000. In this the blondes have an average number of 146, 000 which make them to have the highest number of hairs among different people. They are followed by the black hair people having around 110, 000 hairs and the least ones are brown hair people having the average number of 100, 000 hair strands.
  8. Finger nails grow faster than your toe nails and this fact is quite obvious unless you are a regular nail trimmer. The reason is that those nails that get much exposed grows faster than the others.
  9. Life span of a single strand of human hair is somewhere around 4 to 7 years as they are unaffected by any kind of trauma and related stuffs.
  10. If in case you fear of getting bald then you are supposed to consider this fact: before you can see for yourselves that you are getting bald you should have lost at least 50% of your total hair. This means that if and only if you lose half of your hair you will be showing the signs of baldness.
  11. Human hair is almost indestructible except the fact that it is inflammable. Human hair is less vulnerable to trauma, they are resistant to corrosion by acids and also water, extreme cold, climate and other natural forces. This is the reason why strands of hair everyday accumulate together in your bathroom pipes and finally you get it clogged.


These are few things that I consider to be amazing about human hair and in the next entry I'm planning to say something interesting about the important visceral organs. Until I post tomorrow thanks for reading and cheers.

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  • Babaa Traders 7 years ago

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