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A certain idea of the world

Published by SARA DE MONTE — 9 months ago

Blog: I've lived for Beauty
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My name is Sara and I am... I have been lots of different people in my life up until now. Basically right now I am a medical student in Trieste, Italy; I have been an Erasmus student in Graz, Austria, last year for a semester. By the age of eighteen I had been travelling in tens of countries in Europe, and have been taking any opportunity I could  to further discover the world. I don't know if I should call it a hobby or an obsession.

The reflection of a sunset on the sea, the chirping of unknown birds on a clear morning, the smile of a newly met friend… fragments of memories that remind me how much beauty there is in the world. Maybe if I could put these fragments together I could somehow give an idea of this beauty I can't help seeing around me.

Travelling is for me a way of becoming who you want to be and who you would never think you could be. Not just visiting a place but living it and keep it alive in every breath you take everyday. I am the places I have been to. And I am thankful for that.

I hope you will enjoy it too. Have a good journey!


*A certain idea of the world. 

Just out of context. "Una certa idea di mondo" is a book from an Italian author (probably my favourite) called Baricco. It's a collection of decriptions of books the author read in the last years, certainly not the most interesting of the author. But I like the idea to collect a small part of experiences, randomly just like they happen, to give the picture of your idea of the world. Since there are so many different worlds as people I guess.

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