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Hello friends!

Today I'm going to be telling you about what things to pack, or at least the things I packed or would have packed. I think you'll be interested, especially those of you going in a month or so and are already bogged down with paperwork and everything else you need to bring... haha.

So, the first thing to remember is Iberia Erasmus, which you should already know about, register yourself so you can bring two 23kg suitcases, 10kg hand luggage, a laptop and your everyday bag.

The everyday bag

So, in this bag (which us girls usually carry) I'd take things like your mobile, iPod, camera, passport, and all the other things you usually carry around with you. Oh yeah, and on top of all this, a little card with the address of your accommodation and things like that.

I'm not going to go through all the documents you should have with you as I've already written something explaining all that.

Hand Luggage

In your hand luggage I'd take your laptop (I took it in my hand luggage as I preferred to bring it in a little neoprene sleeve that another heavy mini suitcase... haha), chargers for all your electronic devices, some clothes in case your suitcase gets lost and if you've got the space, the more clothes the better, haha.



And lastly, in your suitcase I'd bring:


Scarves, hats, gloves, umbrellas, wellies, running shoes, sportswear if you're going to do any, swimsuit, flipflops, one of those neoprene Decathlon towels, one of those Decathlon bath robe things too as they don't weigh much, hand towel, PJs, warm socks, belts, and if you want to bring some heels you can but I'm telling you now you won't use them for anything haha, bag/rucksack, and thermal tops if you really can't stand the cold.


I wouldn't bring shower gel, shampoo, anything like that, as you can buy it all when you get there and you'll be able to fit more things in your suitcase. Things I would bring though are creams you use often or are specific brands you might not be able to get your hands on, makeup and things like that too.


Just bring your pencil case and a calculator as folders etc you can buy from Carrefour, no problem.


I'd bring some vacuum packed sausage, you'll save a lot of money, haha.

Other things

I also brought some quilts to make it feel more like home, but it's up to you, they give you them in the halls, the only thing you need to bring from home is the bed sheet.

My friend brought her own lamp because she works well with it, but it doesn't matter as all the rooms in Studho have a lamp, and yeah it's nothing amazing, but it works perfectly well for studying, and gives you a little bit of light just above and you can see perfectly.; )

Don't worry about pots and pans, you can buy them when you get here or even better if you're going to Xios I think they give you the option to buy or rent, I'm not too sure, an Erasmus pack which comes with a quilt, a pillow and things for cooking, etc.

What to buy when you're there

In terms of things I've bought here for my room, well... some soap, a little glass for my toothbrush, creams, shampoo, shower gel, tampax, wipes, sponges, tissues, bleach, a mat, a quilt cover, a washing basket... loads of things, so make sure you've got your money sorted as you won't fit all of this in your suitcase... I'll leave it up to you!

Last piece of advice

  • Bring some photos or posters to decorate your room as otherwise it'll look completely dull and boring!
  • When you pack your suitcase fold your clothes so they take up less space...

So, yeah, I think I've covered everything, if you want to ask me something, you already know, I'd love to help!

Lots of love!

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