Which are the master's degrees with higher employability rate?

As years go by and needs change, the labor market varies as we evolve, and that is why we are here to keep you updated with the master's degrees that have more career opportunities!

Nowadays, holding a master's degree is similar to keep a treasure, and it is because a master's degree opens up the door to a wide range of possibilities. Maybe the last thing you are thinking about doing after finishing the bachelor's degree is to continue studying a master's degree as you are probably tired of studying hard, but the moment you know what we are gonna tell you next, you will not be able to stop yourself!

Although it is true that with a bachelor's degree you have high chances of finding a job, with a master's degree, you not only double the possibility but it is also possible that you double the salary that you can earn... The more you specialize, the more valued you will be; we are already understanding each other, aren't we?

So, say no more. Let's see which are the master's degrees with more career opportunities that will get you fully into the labor market.

Let's get to the point, which master's degree offer the most of the career opportunities?

As society evolves, employability in the labor market also does it. Before we learn which master's degree offers the highest career opportunities in Spain, we should research which sectors have the highest employability rate in the current market in comparison with previous years.

Two years ago, the master's degree with the highest career opportunities 2019 and the winner of 100% employability master's degree was the Master' degree in SAP Logistic Project Management, whose students finished their studies with a job position, which is something really incredible.

This present year, everything points to the telecommunication sector, as it is becoming more important in our day-to-day life. To dissipate any doubts, we will see next what is the employability rate according to the sector, so grab a paper and a pen!

Master's degrees areas with a higher employability rate

There is so much supply that it can be difficult to find the master's degree with the highest employability rate. However, what we can do is an approximation of which are the more in-demand sectors.

Those who are entrepreneurs state that without a master's degree there is no employability; the truth is that if you are eager for more, you will have to move heaven and earth to get it. To get a good job position, not only studies count but also the determination, attitude, people skills... However, the knowledge and the studies are an essential part too. Therefore, what a better way to stand out among the people who have completed the same bachelor's degree by studying a master's degree.

Before discussing more thoroughly which are the master's degrees with higher career opportunities and reveal which one was the master's degree with the highest career opportunities 2020, we can see that depending on the sector, there will be more or less probability of finding a job position. Next, let's have a look at the employability rate 2020 by sector in Spain:

Sector Employability Rate
Engineering and Architecture 92,4 %
Health Sciences 91,5 %
Social and Legal Sciences 83,6%
Sciences 83,9%
Arts and Humanities 76,3%

To create this table, we have been based on the data of the research QEDU of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain.

As we can clearly see in the table above, the master's employability ratio opts more for the science area; but don't be afraid if you study humanities, because Business Management and Law are characterized by always having a high employability rate. You will have plenty of work opportunities! In fact, in Erasmusu you will find the best Law's master's degree with the highest career opportunities and Master's degree in Business Administration to build a promising future.

Employability rate: to study a public or private master's degree?

The master's degrees offer is very wide, even more so if we take into account both public and private master's degrees.

When looking for the master's degree with the highest career opportunities, it is not that much about the tuition fee, but rather the prestige that it has and as well the best teachers, in addition, you should consider a good internship program in a company. Keep in mind that most of the students who find a job as soon as they finish their studies it is usually in the company where they have completed the internship.

The million-dollar question, which master's degree has the highest career opportunities

Without further delay, the answer to the long-awaited question. To get an idea of the degrees with the highest employability, we have created this table:

Degree Employability Rate
Electronic Engineering 97,5 %
Application and Software Development and Multimedia Engineering 97,4 %
Telecommunication Engineering 97,1 %
Podiatry 96,9 %
Industrial Engineering and Management and Nanotechnology 96,7 %
Aeronautical Engineering 96,6 %
Odontology 96,4 %
Computer Science 96,3 %
Services 96,1%
Computer Engineering 96 %
Conservation and Restoration 65 %
Art History 65 %
Philosophy 63,8 %

From that we can deduce that the master's degree with the highest career opportunities belongs to the Engineering and Computer Science sectors and to the Health sector.

Among the degrees offer within this sector, the award for the highest career opportunities master's degree is for, on this occasion, the following master's degrees:

  • Master's degree in Public Health
  • Master's degree in Research Methodology in Health Sciences
  • Master's degree in Pharmacology, Development, Research and Rational Use of Medicines
  • Master's degree in Biomechanics Applied to Damage Assessment

Within the Engineering and Computer Science sectors, it will be always a good option to opt for:

  • Master's degree in Representation and Design Engineering and Architecture
  • Master's degree in Computer Engineering and Network in the University of Granada
  • Master's degree in Optical and Image Technologies
  • Master's degree in Project Management
  • Master's degree in in Electronics, Signal Processing and Communications
  • Master's degree in Advanced Electronic Systems

Other master's degrees that offer good career opportunities

Although we have not mentioned them before, that does not mean that they are not important; quite the opposite. Recently, the Master's degree in Digital Marketing has been a turning point for many students lives. Thanks to its growing popularity and to how easy is for the students to complete it both online and in person, there have been many graduates who have finished the master's degree with a job position.

At the same time, the Master's degree in Business Administration has made its way into the labor market to offer those who are interested in running a company all the tools and knowledge needed to achieve it.

Master's degrees with the highest career opportunities just one click away

Erasmusu offers you a wide range of possibilities regarding the specialization. Choose the Master's degree with the highest career opportunities according to your area of expertise, don't let anyone to take your placement away!

Research about the career opportunities Master's degree in Big Data o go for the cybersecurity area with the Master's degree in Cybersecurity, both of them are a good option.

And if you are not convinced by any of the previous ones mentioned, you may find the ideal master's degree for you in our new Master's Section. Don't wait any longer! Book your placement!

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