Top Twenty Things To Consider Before Travel

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Hello everyone! I hope everything is going fine with all of you. From the very beginning I've been writing here about different places to visit and about all the historical importance of a place or the kind of tourism value a place has. A trip simply means travelling from one place to a place you have never been before for any purpose. It can be a business trip, a vacation trip, etc. Whatever the reason is, no trip starts without packing up your belongings and taking with you every important thing that you may need during your travel. This blog post of mine will deal with some of the top priorities that you must consider before leaving to any place. Let's begin!


First, I would like to start with all the things you must do before you start your travel. In short, the following tips deal entirely with "Before Travel":

  1. Take a file and arrange all the documents that you may need during your travel. It will include a copy of your identity proof, travel insurance, visa, hotel reservation, if in case you are travelling for studies it may include your university's admission letter, other university related documents, etc. Then don't forget to send a copy of all the important travel documents to a safer place this will help you if in case you lose your documents somewhere during the travel. You can get to an internet centre and take a print out of the documents and have it with you. It may not replace the original document however it will help you in a good way.
  2. If you are going on a vacation to an unknown country it's better to have a hotel reserved beforehand as this may reduce unnecessary tension during the travel. Also have in mind a second choice for the hotel as you may do not know if the information provided by the hotels in their websites are true or you may not like the hotel in some cases. Having a second choice would help you to settled down soon. In order to travel easier in a community where you may experience language difficulties it is better to have a map print from your computer before travel in the local language as you can show the map to the taxi driver and ask him to take you to the place.
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  4. Gather details about your Embassy in the country which you are about to visit. This is of utmost importance if in case something goes wrong during your travel. Collect the Embassy's details, locate the building on your map and have it safely for emergency needs.
  5. On the day of travelling make a note of the exchange rates between US dollars and the currency of the country you are about to travel. This will help you in avoiding unnecessary losses while exchanging money in the new place.
  6. It's better to carry few cards with you during the travel rather than just one. You can open some new bank accounts and split your travel money and deposit them in the banks. As all the cards are not accepted in every country and sometimes your cards may get stuck inside the machine this will help you to manage the situation and help you to keep yourselves out from travel.
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  8. Check the kind of power supply the country you are about to travel has. This may sound silly but believe me if in case the country you travel will have only two pin sockets and then you might need an appropriate universal adapter to connect your electronic devices into the sockets. If possible, make sure with the hotel management that whether the voltage is optimum and if it is safe to use your device before plugging in.
  9. Carefully inspect your Visa stamp and make sure that you check that your name is spelled correct. Make a note of your validity period as you may have to pay a penalty if you stay beyond your expiry. If in case you are about to get visa only at arrival in the destination airport then make sure that you have all your needed documents prepared.
  10. If in case you have or had any kind of health problems very recently it's better to take your health records along with you. This will help you if in case your condition worsens due to some unadaptable circumstances in the country you are about to visit. When you visit a hospital in that country you don't have start the investigation all over again from the beginning. It is also advisable to take some drugs for common illness such as cold, fever, diarrhoea, head ache, vomiting, motion sickness etc. This will definitely help you if something goes bad regarding your health during travel.
  11. If in case you own a credit card then it's better to inform the bank about your travel and the country you are about to travel. In some cases, the banks deactivate some credit cards if purchases are made abroad or during such circumstances.
  12. Nowadays every place has free Wi-Fi and internet access and therefore it's always better to create an account in the internet that offers free voice services. You may also activate some VOIP services as this may reduce your calling bills to a very great extent.
  13. Get a complete health check up before you travel and don't hesitate to take vaccinations if needed when travelling to a country where it is needed essentially. For example - Swine flu vaccine, TB Vaccine etc. when travelling to places prone to these kinds of diseases.
  14. If in case you are going to a country through an airplane and you have hours or even days of transit between two flights then it's better if you could take some books or magazine whatever you may like to read just to kill your time. Even if you have a companion with you it's hard to keep yourself entertained for a long time just talking.
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  16. Despite how much ever cards you have in your hand it's always better to have some cash in your hands to meet some urgent needs. It is impossible to find stores that will accept your cards always.
  17. Even after so much of technology growth nothing comes as useful as a simple pen and paper. It's always better to write down the names and other details of your relatives in a small notepad and have it with you. Mobiles and laptops often get lost or it may not function properly so it is better to have a hard copy of it in your hands.
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  19. Make sure that your pet animals don't die before you return from your trip. Arrange some neighbours to feed your pets and water your plants.
  20. Finally before leaving your home pull the power cod off from all the electrical appliances and it is better to leave one or two lights on as this may give an appearance that somebody is in the house.
  21. Take a lip balm and a moisturiser with you in your hand luggage as the aeroplane air is the most important thing that can dry up your skin during the air travel.
  22. Close your house door tightly and secure it. Make a known neighbour or your close friend to have a look at your home weekly if in case you are going out for a long trip.
  23. If you have a friend or a relative in the country that you are about to visit then it's always advisable to let him/her know about your arrival rather than moving around in a new place all by yourself and staying in a totally new environment
  24. Last but not the least before starting your travel you must have a clear mind. Prepare yourself for the worst because when something wrong happens you may will know what to do. Don't put yourself in unnecessary tension as this may keep you disturbed throughout your travel. Be clear and act clear.

These are some of the top priorities to consider before travelling to any foreign country. Apart from these each travel has a purpose and make sure that you have everything needed to fulfil the purpose. Have a great journey in the future!


Thanks for reading and cheers !

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