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Tips on improving your student-teacher relationship

Surely it has happened to you before when you change University or simply your job where you used to know everyone. It can be complex to re-form relationships with new people. So, this is why I've come to speak you through some tips to improve your relationships with your teachers or colleagues at university or work.

1. Remember your colleagues. You can always make a good impression if you remember the name of your colleagues and especially your boss or teacher. Although it may seem like a particularly crucial point, you can form very good bonds if you just remember their name to start a conversation.

2. Listen instead of hearing to what they are saying. It may seem like a very confusing point, but we are all guilty for not even touching upon this. Hearing means perceiving the sounds of the environment and not paying attention to what they are saying. On the other hand, listening means that we are concentrated on the sounds and we understand what they want to tell us. This will help many people to emphathise with you and they will also enjoy having a chat with you, as they will know that you are always attentive in the conversation.

3. Sincerity and humility. This may be a little educational, but to improve relationships in different scenarios, you should consider being more sincere and humble, because most people always look for this type of person. However, they turn away from those who have a very high ego and think they know everything.

4. The perfect moment. Remember to always look for the right moment to start a conversation because if you do it at the wrong time, the person you're talking to won't understand your message and will feel bad.

Well, there are some pieces of advice which are all of vital importance. I'll say goodbye now and I hope to speak to you all again soon.

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