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Things to do in Piran, Slovenia

Published by ankur ravendigimark — one year ago

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Things to do in Piran, Slovenia

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” The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” ~ Marcel Proust

Lovely. Charming. Enchanting. Appealing. The peninsula town of Piran can be best described by just these few adjectives. It is one of the best coastal cities found located in Slovenia. On three sides, the town of Piran is surrounded by the tranquil turquoise sea and is situated on the Slovenia Adriatic Coast between Italy and Croatia. Although there are a lot more things to do here than just swim and sunbathe.

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Below is a list of a few things to do in Piran, Slovenia…

1.    Take a stroll at the Harbor

There is a common harbor of the Slovenian coastal towns that is small and oval-shaped and is found just beyond the entrance to the Tartini Square. The semi-circular space is lined by blue fishing boats bobbing on the water. The many sailboat masts here curtain the town, looking back toward the town from the far end of the harbor. They try their best to shield the view. The eyes of tourists are always drawn to the bell tower and the hilltop Church of St. George – one of the top attractions in Piran.

2.    The Tartini Square

Considered the heart of the old town of Piran, the Tartini Square is just a delight to dwell at. One can only imagine how the square looked before 1894 from the vantage point atop the bell tower when it was just an inner fishing port. It used to just be filled with water and boats rather than any festival tents and shiny marble.

3.    Marvel at the Church of St. George

The Church of St. George was built the beginning of the 1600s on the site of a previous church at and was named for the patron saint of the town. The inside of the church is adorned with frescos and statues. However, the most notable piece of artwork here is Christ’s realistic wooden sculpture on a Y-shaped cross.

4.    Take the Piran Boat Trips

You will find the most dramatic views of this historic city when you sail from the harbor to the Adriatic Sea. It is possible for people to glimpse the whole town near the tip of the peninsula.

Climb the Bell Tower of Piran

Some of the best views of Piran are found when you climb the 146 steps of St. George’s Church Bell Tower, and hence should be on every list of things to do in Piran! Extending to both Italy and Croatia, there are 360-degree views you can dwell here. The bell tower is built at the top of a hill and reaches 155 feet, along with Archangel Michael’s 12-foot-tall copper version gracing the top. You can enjoy the sounds and up-close views of the bells here that clang every 15 minutes and so.

5.    Admire the Rock Art

The beaches in Piran are rocky, just like much of the Adriatic coastline. The breakwater rocks are where tourists usually sunbathe by the sea, without having a true beach in Piran. The uniqueness of art here is definitely a sight to see in Piran!


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