Red Balls pub crawl Porto - do you have the balls?

Published by Ambra Marcucci — 5 years ago

Blog: Do you have the balls?
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Red Balls pub crawl Porto: do you have the balls?

Are you fed up with visiting boring museums and churches, and do you want to have a very good time during your stay in Porto? Meeting other foreigners, hangout with the locals from Porto and visiting places that tourists usually don’t know about, while doing a pubcrawl? Red Balls Pub Crawl is a pub crawl organisation established by Filipe and Saskia, a very nice, energetic and cheerful couple. He is Portuguese and she is from the Netherlands. As Filipe told me, on average, there are almost always two people quitting before the end of the pubcrawl because they get too drunk. Trust me if I say that this is not an average and most easy pubcrawl to survive.


The concept is: You go to 5 different bars and you have 5 beers, 5 shots and several games. But actually they give (even! ) more than that. The games that they play during this pubcrawl is to make the people win extra shots and to create a friendly bond between them. Extra shots?! Exactly, extra shots besides the 5 shots and beers you already have.


They also offer a free entrance to a nightclub at the end of the pubcrawl. And this all for only 12 euro’s! Will you be crawling on your knees?




Above you can see various pictures from their pubcrawls. Filipe gave me the permission to post pictures from their Facebook here.

Because it’s not easy to survive this pubcrawl, their slogan is: Do you have the balls?

If you want to know more about this crazy pubcrawl, you can send a message to [email protected] or visit their Facebook ( As the reviews on their Facebook tell, people had perfect nights with this pub crawl and unforgettable moments. So... Highly recommended!

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