Not everyone is so 'good' in Poland

I've been an Erasmus student in Poland and I've been living there for 2 years. I've experienced there is to experience in this country.

My experience is mainly negative. This country is not adapting to tourism or foreign visitors. Maybe if you go to the capital you won' experience as much negativity from the population. But if you go to a small, even medium sized city, or a far eastern one like Bialystok, you need to be very careful.


If you cry out 'foreigner' (I'm talking about brown skin, dark hair or just any foreign traits in general) they will look at you in a funny way. And if you go out and don't go out in a big group, you might get attacked.

I'm speaking from experience as I've been there for a while and experienced everything. I just don't want people to go through the same things as I did. Obviously there will be people who have had a good experience there, I don't doubt it for a second... but I know a lot of people who have had a really bad one, both those studying as part of an Erasmus year abroad, or working out there instead.


Poland has a hidden side to it... a horrible side. There's a lot of racism, discrimination and a lot of impolite people. There are some good people, like in all places, but the majority are very conservative and closed minded with 'evil inside'.

If you've got brown skin and show clear latin routes, I recommend you go somewhere else. There are loads of places, and although Poland is really cheap, I don't think you'll enjoy everything else.


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