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Published by Karen Ajuga — 5 months ago

Tags: Erasmus tips

So about roughly 2 months ago in September I started my year abroad in Cordoba, Spain. I was skeptical at first about the whole year abroad thing, but that all went out the window when I arrived here, I feel like I drew the long straw out of a hat. This part of Spain is beautiful ! the sun is always shining, although it begining to get a tad cold nearing winter and I already know i'll be sad when it's time to leave :(

Upon arriving I didn't have the smoothest of starts, only really due to paper work and not being able to start univeristy as soon as I arrivied, but that's all part of the learning process and it's okay to not do everything perfectly sometimes. 

I've decided to document my year abroad though vlogging and blogging, I really think anyone currently doing, or thinking about doing a year abroad will find it helpful. The first vlog I made are a few tips i'd reccomend to help you settle in, i'll post both links below :)



Karen Ajuga

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