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My life in United States

Published by Marcos Núñez — 19 days ago

Blog: My life in United States
Tags: Erasmus tips

In September 2019 I did an exchange to finish my training in the United States. In the city of Los Angeles.

When I arrive, the first week I was living here I visited many places, such as Hollywood sign, so famous for movies, Disneyland and the Santa Monica Pier.

I live on the outskirts of the city with two of my classmates, Manuel and Sofia, with whom I sometimes go out to party and meet many people from my city and I have good times with them. There are a lot of nice people!

I like to talk with my family by video call while I study and I remember good moments with them.

I am in the last year of teaching English and I want to improve my speaking more because after I want to work in a school.

I work in a primary education school, to be able to live, while I finish the practices of my course.

Have a nice day !

- Marcos

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