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If you're going on Erasmus to Spain, there is one supermarket that you cannot miss out on going to: Mercadona. Being honest, I don't know if it exists in other places in the world... I know that they are opening some stores in Portugal as well, which is great!

Mercadona is a chain of well-known supermarkets quite used around here and you will understand why after reading this post. It is a chain that is very accessible - at least compared to the prices in Portugal - in terms of prices and also in terms of quality of products, which are excellent factors to consider for your monthly shopping trips - and any other shopping for that matter.

The variety is immense - many brands, including store brands - and they also sell all types of products: food (cookies, fruit, dairy, jams, frozen foods, meat, fish, sweets, bread, pastas, rice, etc. ), hygiene (cotton, shampoos, makeup, wipes, perfumes, etc. ) and many other things that I am going blank on at the moment, but they certainly have it!

In Barcelona, at least, there is pretty much one Mercadona on every corner, and even when there aren't, it is worth the trip to buy things you need!

To understand just how much cheaper these products are here would be helpful if I were to make a price comparison, but I do not have anything at the moment that I can show you as an example. But I can guarantee to you that the products have great quality for the prices these products are normally sold at. 

I was able to buy, for example, a body wash and shampoo at family size for about 1€ for each bottle, which is great, but I thought "well this should not be that good but I will try them anyway." After trying them I can tell you that they are quality products and as you can see, for a very great price!

Take advantage and find a Mercadona close to you!

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