How to Get ESL Courses Online – Free of Charge

ESL Courses Online – Why They are All the Rage

ESL courses online come in plenty because they are downright more convenient than traditional non-online ESL courses.

With ESL courses online, students of English as a Second Language can get in a handful of pluses:

  • Comfortably study from anywhere – house, office, school, or just about any place with internet connection.
  • Avoid the hassles of commuting to ESL schools.
  • Save time, costs, and energy and use them for more important things in life.
  • Get valuable learning anywhere and whenever fitting to the student and not to the ESL teacher or the ESL school.
  • People also opt for ESL courses online because they get to join and mingle with other people from all across the globe who want to learn the English language from the comforts of their private nooks.These people come from Asia, America, Europe, and Africa and they all get together in extensive ESL communities online. They share with one another what they learn, how far they have gone in learning, and keep one another motivated in mastering this lingua franca of globalization, all without fear of reproach.

Others get ESL courses online because they are way much cheaper than traditional online ESL schools, which easily charge in the range of $600 per month.

They are cheaper because of the following reasons:

  • Administrators of ESL courses online pass on their savings for using free technologies to students by way of low tuition.
  • They consider the web as the classroom and do not pay for recurring operating costs like rent, electricity, and insurance that are a burden for some traditional ESL schools.
  • They do not need to print out study materials as all materials are downloadable online.

Still, ESL courses online are so much more than that. Learners of English as a Second Language can get them absolutely free of charge. What's the catch? None!

Many ESL courses online are made by people who are passionate about the English language, proficient in using it, and generous enough to share their learning to millions of people for the sake of learning and not profits.

1. 1-Language

1-Language offers about 70 ESL courses online that are well-written and well-organized, giving learners a thorough and systematic approach to studying the English language.

All the lessons at 1-Language are prearranged according to each learner’s English as a Second Language proficiency: Starters, Beginners, Pre-intermediate and Intermediate.

With these levels, learners can start at the lowest point and build up to other points as they see fit.

Some of the ESL courses online at 1 -Language are nouns, pronouns, articles, quantifiers, imperatives, conjunctions, comparatives and superlatives, gerunds, infinitives, verb tenses, ordering of adjectives, question tags, passive and active voices, adverbs, and clauses.

All these ESL courses online are aimed at giving users immediate communication skills, grasp of basic grammatical concepts, and tools for engaging in English conversations.

2. World-English

World-English is an exceptional website that offers ESL courses online with emphasis on English speaking and writing.

The website administrators help me write my paper schedule speaking lessons with students free of charge.

All the students need to do are to register with the site, log in, use free instant communications software, and then use their microphone and speakers all throughout the speaking lessons.

Students actually get to speak with a certified ESL teacher who is a native English speaker, an opportunity that would cost them thousands of dollars in upfront payment each year when done with other for-profit ESL service providers.

Each speaking session lasts about 30 minutes and done with a maximum of 10 students as participants.

On top of this free, great offer, World-English also gives free e-mail-based correspondence lessons, where students can get ESL courses online straight from their inbox.

Teachers check student’s written output, spot mistakes, make suggestions on how to correct errors, and tell them how to put off similar mistakes in the future.

3. Learn English Online

Learn English Online has about 11 units of ESL courses online created with beginner learners of the English language in mind.

These ESL courses online are further subdivided into 54 lessons.

Basically, the site touches on beginner ESL courses like English numbers, alphabet, greetings, basic questions, colors, people’s titles and professions, time of the day, days of the week, months of the year, seasons, travelling, eating, asking, and useful verb tenses.

While the ESL courses online at Learn English Online are for beginners, lower intermediate learners can actually find some of them handy in everyday conversations and situations.

4. BBC World Service

British media company BBC offers free ESL courses online to intermediate and advanced learners of English as a Second Language.

These ESL courses online at BBC are updated regularly, simplified for the non-native English learners, and made into various versions so that they can boost learners’ abilities to read, write, listen, and speak in English effortlessly.

They are categorized into General and Business English; Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation; Sports; and Specials.

Students can also join the community of millions of English learners and download study materials, again free of charge.

They can also take quizzes to put their skills to test.

BBC World Service is not only for the students. It is also for ESL teachers, who can get free sample lessons from the site.

The ESL courses online at BBC World Service are so diverse that both students and teachers can surely find something that interests them.

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