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Blog Post - My New York Experience

Published by melissa dorado — 19 days ago

Blog: Blog Post - My New York Experience
Tags: Erasmus tips

Hello everyone, I hope you are very well, my name is Melissa Dorado and I am going to share my experience, I was born in Ecuador and currently I live with my mother in New York City in the United States, I am studying psychology and forensic science at the Cornell University, I have excellent friends of different nationalities, I can say that living here changed my life, I have participated in castings hoping to get a role in movie acting, I know beautiful places such as the skyscrapers, the Empire State Building, and the vast Central Park, Broadway theater and the famous Statue of Liberty, life here is very busy and expensive, the apartment is expensive and the food too, but it is worth this country since there are very good opportunities, without more to say I can express that you also venture to live this experience.

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