Best things to do in Lisbon 2022

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Blog: Best things to do in Lisbon 2022
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Hello everyone, my name is Pedro, I'm half Portuguese, half Romanian.

Here I share with you some ideas for spending a great time in Lisbon.

Best things to do in Lisbon 2022

1. Castelo de São Jorge

2. Tower of Belém

3. Sailing boat tour

4. Trum Tour

5. Ajuda Palace

6. Mosteiro dos Jerónimos

7. Praça do Comércio

8. Padrão dos Descobrimentos

9. Igreja de São Roque

10. Christ Monument

11. Bycicle by the river

I also recommend doing the tuk-tuk tour around the city if you have more people to spend the costs, group of 4/6 is the best number. I do not recommend a specific company because there are plenty of great options that you will find on the city center. Do a quick chat with the driver for a previous evaluation.

Another idea that I sugest to all of you, is renting a bike, and crossing the river by Ferry to Porto Brandão, on the south side of the Tagus River.

From there, you follow the river to the Ocean, and you'll be amazed with the amazing scenario of the Costa da Caparica Beach.

These are the best ideas for spending some great days in Lisbon on 2022.

If you need any information regarding my suggestions, please drop me a message!


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