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5 Things you can't miss in Nerja, Spain

5 Things you can't miss in Nerja, Spain

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Over the years, Nerja has become everyone’s new favorite place in Spain. It was once a sleepy fishing village and has now slowly turned into a resort town which is full of the typical houses, authentic restaurants, and shops of Spain, surrounded by sandy beaches, cliffside caves, and mountains.

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So here is our list of the 5 top things that you certainly cannot miss in Nerja!

1.    Exploring the Caves of Nerja

No other cave is like the Cueva de Nerja. There will be complete silence and an eerie vibe if you wish to tour after closing hours, as there is no bustling noise coming from the tourists. You’ll get to see the cave paintings here, will be taught about the different formations of rock, and each stage of exploring different parts of the cave. A piece of nature which is frozen in time is what describes this cave fully.

2.    Cool Down with a River Walk up to the Rio Chillar

A fun way to spend the whole day is by walking and climbing up the River Chillar. You’ll feel like you have the whole river to yourself. Here, you’ll not only be surrounded by the stunning scenery, but also the not-so-rare company of frogs and some cheeky lizards. For both tourists and locals, this route is said to be a popular activity on the weekends. Take a walk in the water from the beginning in order to experience the walk in various other ways. So let’s cut the irrelevant things and get straight to the point, you will get wet!

3.    Take a Hike From the Nerja Caves to Frigiliana and Challenge Yourself

If you are not used to long walks and outdoor adventures, this will be one tough hike for you. It might not seem that much in distance, but this 15km, which is approximately 10-mile-hike is difficult to handle, especially when you take into account the heat in Spain, differences of terrain, and ascending mountains. It is certain that you can’t walk at your usual 5mph pace, especially when you start becoming tired and dehydrated. Although this hike is a challenge at some points, it is good fun.

4.    Paddleboard or Kayak the Nerja Coast

The only way that you would get to explore the sea caves, beaches, coves, Sea kayaking, and paddle boarding, is from the Burriana Beach situated in Nerja to Maro. These beaches are unseen and inaccessible from anyplace else. With its clear blue waters and untouched beauty, there is no wonder that this place is one of the best in the region for even scuba diving and snorkeling. Not only for the experience of being unable to paddle through the narrow gorges and discovering the waterfalls, but these activities are also renowned here for the enthusiastic guys that live to show you the undiscovered coast.

5.    Take Your Own Walking Tour of Nerja  

There are many alleyways and side streets for you to stumble upon and explore in Nerja. Before you even realize, you will come across the main square which is dominated by the Church of El Salvador. The Balcon de Europa will be seen to your left. This 360-degree balcony is one of the top things to see in Nerja, and for good reason as this is the most beautiful viewpoint of the landscapes. A never-ending sea surrounds it. As you are admiring the views, you can sit in the sun and go people watching. It really is worth it!


The incredible amount of fun nature-based and coastal activities is probably just one of the reasons why you’ll keep traveling to Nerja again and again.

Happy journey! J 


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