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After 2 years living here

Published by Lina Miltinytė — one month ago

Blog: Italian life
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After 2 years of living in Italy.. Here I am having, hopefully, my last exams. Getting ready for summer holidays and the last part of my studies - trainership and thesis before getting my master diplom.

It is so interesting to watch myself back, and understand how the girl from very small town in Lithuania, Kretinga more precisely, got to live abroad. When her English teacher was making fun of her in front of the class just because of her wrong English. Here I am - doing my 2nd year of Master in beautiful city Bergamo.

So far it might seem nothing related to erasmus, but the reason why I am where I am it is because of erasmus.

In 2014 I had my first erasmus in Cyprus. Met amazing people from all over the world. I improved my English so much that even I was in the shock. When the time was to come back I was sure I want to repeat this experience. So I did. I went for another type of erasmus in Greece, more precisely Rhodes. I did my trainership there for almost 4 month. It ended up of course too fast. When I came back to Lithuania I had left my heart left already in Cyprus and Rhodes. It was super nostalgic but at the same time fascinating and satisfying.  The idea that I could relate myself to those 2 places so different from my home town was obsessing.

So here I am now. In Italy. The girl from small town, which could not speak english according to her teacher, doing her master abroad.

Thanks for everyone who will read it. Hopefully, in the next blogs I will share my experience and struggles while living in Italy. Burocracy, language and people issues you might face if you are studying in Italy. As well as nice experience which compensates all the negative part. 

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