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Erasmus blog Bergamo

  • After 2 years living here

    After 2 years of living in Italy.. Here I am having, hopefully, my last exams. Getting ready for summer holidays and the last part of my studies - trainership and thesis before getting my master diplom. It is so interesting to watch myself back, and understand how the...

    0 by Lina, 28 days ago
  • Bergamo, Lombardia

    When I tell people that I was born and raised in Milan, they assume that I have seen all the places surrounding this beautiful city, but in fact, I did not. I have visited Bergamo for the first time this past winter break and some of my friends could not believe...

    0 by Cristian, one month ago
  • Wine and dine in the ever-so-fine city of Bergamo

    After reading (the English translation of) Alessandro Manzoni’s "I promessi sposi" (“The Betrothed”), I decided that the basis of my choice of destination for my study abroad semester would absolutely be a book. The time when this well-known novel was set was a...

    1 by Jasmin, one year ago
  • Choosing Bergamo

    Now it was time to go back. Having spent some wonderful days together visiting Italy, our journey had come to an end. We returned again to Milan to catch our flight back, this time from Milan to Zaragoza, sadly. The choice of Bergamo We had some time before we had to...

    0 by Jasmin, one year ago
  • Day-trip to Bergamo

    One of my day-trip from my first semester of Erasmus was to Bergamo, a city quite close to Milan. I went there by train, and from Milano Centrale (the main train station of Milan), it only takes about 30 minutes to get there: it’s really not so far! If you are...

    0 by Aurélie, one year ago
  • Bergamo

    Bergamo is home to my University. Its a beautiful place and you will love being here. Its a wonderful small city with all the features of a large city without the negative effects of pollution and dirt. Its very clean with enough green places. Citta Alta or the city on...

    0 by Prince Henry, 2 years ago

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