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  • What is the country's food like?

    What I like most about the local food are the sweets and the desserts. My colleagues always share many different breakfast foods at work, like sausage rolls and pastries.For eating out I can recommend many spots in city centre. My favorites are tribal burger and St....

    0 by Elisa, 18 days ago
  • Accommodation in Belfast

    I have had many doubts when it has come to choosing accommodation during my stay in Belfast. Source The first question was: shared flat or student residence? On the one hand, being in a student residence would guarantee you certain facilities, a certain level of...

    0 by Lottie, 3 years ago
  • The countdown, again, to Erasmus

    Yes guys, you can do it again. Before it was fashionable to go again when there had been places left and you were able to go back. As I understand it is no longer allowed to receive the grant again but of course there are always exceptions. But mine is another story. It...

    0 by Katie, 3 years ago
  • Are there any Spaniards in Ireland?

    The truth is it can seem a little pathetic looking for friends using a forum, but you have no other choice because I can not find Spanish people anywhere. I am working as an au pair in a town in Belfast called Millisle, about a half an hour by bus from the city. I spend...

    0 by Katie, 3 years ago
  • Snow?

    I've always loved the traditional Christmas postcards where you can see huge wooden houses with big gardens and little lights decorating the front, all covered in snow. Well, now that I'm here and I can see the postcard in real life, I've realised that snow is not how I...

    0 by Katie, 3 years ago
  • A good trip to Belfast

    Leaving Spain in September, we can still consider it summer and there are more international flights. So, maybe you get lucky and your city has direct flights to Belfast. If that's not the case, cities like Malaga and Alicante have direct flights all year and also at a...

    0 by Sasha, 3 years ago

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