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A Holiday for Couples

Published by Bechara Saykali

Picking Byblos as a getaway with my girlfriend was easily the best choice i made last summer. I heared alot of people talking about it... But you don't know what it  is until you have been there :O!!!! We were first greated with the wonderful tropical weather which is just great for people coming from colder countries!! 

We got the chance to stay at a friend's house which was close to almost EVERYTHING!! What people usually look for in Byblos or more commonly known as Jbeil, is the NIGHT LIFE and the BEACH! and here its all about that...

Jbeil beach is one of the best beaches you can find in the area... apart from its clear water and golden sand you can do all sort of water sports there and its relatively Cheap!! you can do 2 or 3 water sports for approx. 20-30 $. A lot of events are held at this beach... events such as foam party, concerts etc.

as for the NIGHT LIFE... you haven't seen wild parties unless you have been to byblos. The best place to be is "the old souks" which is a whole street which is actually a square at the heart of the city. THis street is filled with pubs, nightclubs, stripclubs. the street was actually built by Romans 5000 BC!!! You can get easily drunk just from the light/smoke shows! the alcohol there is almost close to free... you can get two drinks +2 shots for as low as 10 $!

AND ABOVE ALL, we rented a bike for a week and visited almost all Byblos  only using this bike. So transportation is cheap by bike (20 $ for a bike, for a week). Although it was a bit rough since the area there isn't actually straight :P 

As for the food, Lebanese restaurant fill the place and these are the ones that you should try! If i would name one it would be 1188 which is a restaurants in the old ruins with a terrasse on top overlooking the whole bay area. BREATH TAKING!

Breakfast: 10-20 $

Lunch: A very big one for 30 $, or a good deal for 20$

Diner: again 5-20 $

All in all it costed us 1200 $/person for a good 5 days.

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