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Experience in Barcelona

What did you think of Barcelona? Would you recommend it?

Barcelona is the wonderful capital city of Catalonia , in the northeast of Spain. Its lively and happy character will leave you breathless. Unlike the other Spanish cities, Barcelona has a unique spirit and personality.

What do you think of Spanish cuisine? What are some of your favourite dishes?

Spanish food is exquisite.

My favourite dishes are paella, a classic, and a very tasty flat bread called coca which is made with roasted pepper and aubergine, cut into strips and flavoured with oil, salt and garlic.

What is there to see in Barcelona?

Without doubt, one of Barcelona's main attractions is the Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudi's masterpiece who certainly left his mark on this city.

One mustn't forget the Seu, or the Gothic style Cathedral as seen in the following image:


Plaça de Catalunya is the main square in Barcelona (first photo below) and the Christopher Columbus monument, which is a very tall statue dedicated to the celebrated Italian explorer, located at the beginnng of Las Ramblas which joins the port (second photo below)



For those who want to relax and distance themselves from the crowds of tourists, I advise visiting the huge Parc de la Ciutadella which is very green, full of fountains and palaces, and from here it's a few minutes to Barcelona's Arc de Triomf.

Here is a photo of the park's entrance.


Any advice for future students going to Barcelona?

The advice I want to give to those who will be visiting Barcelona is to get your own camera and always have it with you because you will be taking so many photos, as I did when I was there.

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