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Erasmus Experience in Barcelona, Spain by Nelly

Why did you choose to go to Barcelona, Spain?

I chose Barcelona because it's a city that I've been to before and that I really like. Also it has a reputation for being a student city, and rightly so. And for me it was an opportunity to improve both my Spanish and English.

How long are you there for? How much financial support do you receive?

I am staying in Barcelona for 6 months. At the moment I am still waiting to receive my Erasmus grant since there have been some delays. So I don't know how much I will receive... Normally I should get between 300 and 350€ per month.

What is student life like in Barcelona?

Students here are particularly sympathetic, dynamic and multicultural. I'm not at university because I'm doing an internship. However I've been able to go out and meet loads of students, mostly Erasmus students and it's truly an exceptional atmosphere.

Erasmus Experience in Barcelona, Spain by Nelly


Would you recommend the city of Barcelona to other students?

Yes, definitely! It's a once in a lifetime experience.

What is the food like?

Catalan and Iberian specialties are generally excellent. You are guaranteed to put on weight. The downside is the desserts are often too sweet and their red meat has nothing on french meat.

Did you have any difficulties finding accommodation in Barcelona?

No, through using Erasmusu I found accommodation in two weeks. Worst case scenario, the French community in Barcelona is very active and housing offers are published regularly.

Erasmus Experience in Barcelona, Spain by Nelly


What is the cost of living in Barcelona?

For a European city, the cost of living isn't that high. If the cost of accommodation is the same as that of other big cities like Lyon, food, restaurants, nights out, everyday shopping and cultural outings aren't expensive at all.

What's it like learning the language? Did you go to classes organised by the university?

I didn't go to any classes because I'm doing an internship at a Spanish agency. So I had to improve my language skills on the field, at work. It's hard at first but it pays off.

What is the most economic way of getting from to Barcelona from your city?

Ouibus. It costs between 15 and 25€ to get from Barcelona to Marseille.

Erasmus Experience in Barcelona, Spain by Nelly


Where would you recommend for going out in Barcelona?

The streets parallel to La Rambla and La Plaça Real have lots of bars ans clubs which are really fun. The Gothic Quarter has a really nice vibe and you're guaranteed to have a good night there. Avoid the Port Olympic/Ciutadella which are way too touristic.

What about eating in Barcelona? What are your favourite spots?

The best place to eat is Carrer del Blai where there are lots of Pintxos bars. It's different to the touristic atmosphere which can get a bit much sometimes in Barcelona, it's really classic and delicious.

And what cultural visits would you recommend?

The Picasso museum and the Miro Foundation are both must sees.

Erasmus Experience in Barcelona, Spain by Nelly


Any advice for future students in Barcelona?

If you like to party, find accommodation in the centre, because the night bus is really long and horrible, especially after a heavy night. And be careful with the flat share you choose, to avoid unwanted surprises in terms of hygiene or getting along with your flatmates.

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