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  • The Street Cafe

    Finding a bar in Amiens is not the hardest thing but where the difference is in the searching, what can I say, the quest for a beer at the best price... And this is definitely where "the Street Café" beats all of its competitors. The concept is simple, happy hour lasts...

    0 by Shavana, one year ago
  • Baobar

    The Baobar is a very nice bar in the district Saint-Leu in Amiens. From outside it looks like a normal bar, but actually it’s very special inside. It has three floors, getting smaller the more you walk upstairs. It’s decorated in an African style with small tables,...

    0 by Jenny, 5 years ago
  • La Croustille

    La Croustille is a café in Amiens, right at Place Gambetta – one of the most important places of the city. It’s not one of the traditional French cafés with old furniture, cute decoration and the colours red and black. La Croustille is a modern place, aiming at...

    0 by Jenny, 5 years ago
  • Australian Bar

    The Australian Bar at Amiens is a recently renovated bar with a lot of charm and Australian atmosphere. It’s decorated with Australian signs, like “Danger – Alligators” or “Watch out – Wombat” and a lot of other cool stuff, such as surfing photos,...

    0 by Jenny, 5 years ago
  • Café des Beaux Arts

    The Café des Beaux Arts is situated in the city centre of Amiens. It's a small café with a beautiful and very cosy furniture and decoration. During my Erasmus Semester almost all the Erasmus events took place in that café and even if we were a lot of people, there...

    0 by Jenny, 5 years ago

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