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Albufeira 2017 (Tips and Advice: Introduction)

Hey everyone, as you know, I’m not back and, as my post about Albufeira was very successful in these past four years since writing it, I have decided to continue telling you about the typical questions I often get asked and have to respond to a thousand times to make sure I don’t leave any comment without a response.


Two years ago, I was renting a few houses through an online platform for holiday homes, which I imagine I cannot name if I do not want to be blocked from this site (at least, this is what has happened to me in the past, haha). In the end, the thing that I became quite experienced with was how to choose what kind of house to rent and in which zone depending on what you want to do during your stay in Albufeira.

Those who have been this summer will know that things have changed, and so the atmosphere is much more behind-the-times than in previous years. Therefore, leaving you on this point, I will provide you all with some tips.

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