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Erasmus blog Albufeira

  • Albufeira 2017 (Tips and Advice Part 3: Beaches)

    Hello everyone, Another thing that people often ask me about are the beaches that I recommend. Which is why I am going to make a complete analysis of each one of them. We are going to go through each beach in geographical order in regards to the city, to make it easier...

    0 by Alison, 10 months ago
  • Albufeira 2017 (Tips and Advice Part 2: How to get around the city)

    Hello everyone, One of the questions that you often ask is about the best way to get around Albufeira. Let’s see, if we begin with the fact that I prefer to not walk because I get tired quite easily because, among other things, I am not used to walking. But I do...

    0 by Alison, 10 months ago
  • Albufeira 2017 (Tips and Advice: Introduction)

    Hey everyone, as you know, I’m not back and, as my post about Albufeira was very successful in these past four years since writing it, I have decided to continue telling you about the typical questions I often get asked and have to respond to a thousand times to make...

    0 by Alison, 10 months ago
  • Albufeira 2017 (advice part 1)

    Today I'm going to give some tips about what type of accommodation to choose for a stay in Albufeira, depending on different factors. If you go during the high season, in general a house will be cheaper than a hotel, especially if you're a large group. You don't usually...

    0 by Eve, one year ago
  • The A-22 Toll Road

    Hello everyone. Another thing that my summer tenants always ask me about is the famous toll road on the Algarve motorway, the A-22, so I’m going to dedicate this post to telling you about my experience of this topic and everything I know about it that will be useful...

    0 by Lauren, one year ago

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