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  • The Santo Domingo de la Calzada Cathedral

    Cathedral Santo Domingo de la Calzada As I start this article, we are going to begin talking about the context of the cathedral. That is to say, discovering its location and speaking a little about its history. The history of the city of Santo Domingo de la...

    0 by Kate, in What to see A Coruña, 4 years ago
  • Restaurante Aparrilla do Angueira

    I can not remember when I had eaten a steak as good as that one in that restaurant. It was brilliantly cooked, brilliant quality. It was a 500g Steak, ENTRECOT for just 15€!! I was sharing this steak with my friend while he was sharing some other steaks (about 800 g)...

    0 by Dangerous, in Where to eat A Coruña, 4 years ago
  • Playa de los Cristales

    There is a beach in Galicia with green, brown and white "stones". What do those colours remind you of? Maybe glass bottles? Because this beach is actually made only of shaped debris of glass bottles!! How does it come that there is all this debris? This was an ancient...

    0 by Dangerous, in What to do A Coruña, 4 years ago
  • San Pedro Mountain, A Coruña

    Hello, I would like to recommend Monte de San Pedro in La Coruña as great place to visit. It's a hill nearby the city with awesome environment and horizont. The trip to Monte begins on beaches of La Coruña a and continues along the ocean coast. You can go there by two...

    0 by Jan, in What to see A Coruña, 4 years ago
  • La Bombilla

    La Bombilla is a small place in heart of A Coruna, best various tapas, by only 1 Euro, the perfect place for Erasmus students. Just be hurry because places are always limited, but you can enjoy with the adjacent crowded environment by chatting with local and not only...

    0 by Zura, in Where to eat A Coruña, 6 years ago
  • Siboney

    Yes, this is the right place to try and taste a cup of real coffee! Siboney is one of those places where glamorous people usually go to show their outfits :) Siboney is also of the my favorite places to have a good coffee with brandy, as well as a delicious cheese cake...

    0 by Zura, in Cafe, cocktail, beer A Coruña, 6 years ago
  • Cerveceria Estrella Galicia

    This is a unique place, the biggest cerveceria (beer garden) in A Coruna, be there means understand sensation of how the city is living. Any gossips are there, from any layer, from students to bank clerks. Beer is fresh, the environment is spacious and flavorful, and...

    0 by Zura, in What to do A Coruña, 6 years ago
  • Guachinche La Casona

    “Guachinche” is a traditional restaurant at Tenerife. It’s called like that because the former inhabitants of the island were called Guanches and the restaurants are mostly situated in the mountains, a bit away from cities. The owners are producing their own wine...

    0 by Jenny, in Where to eat A Coruña, 7 years ago
  • Plaza De Toros De Alfaro

    I had the chance to go see a bull fight in Alfaro, La Rioja. Bull fighting is one of the many Spanish traditions. However some areas in Spain like Cataluña do not see this as a tradition and have forbid it in their state. When I arrived the place was beautiful, a very...

    0 by Lauren, in What to see A Coruña, 7 years ago
  • Torre de Hercules

    The Torre de Hercules was one of my absolute favorite places to visit in La Coruña. It is a popular place for relaxing upon the rocks that sit by the ocean, or for a run or a nice picnic. The story behind the tower contains a legend that you can read about here.

    0 by Rhea, in What to see A Coruña, 8 years ago

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