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  • Restaurante Aparrilla do Angueira

    I can not remember when I had eaten a steak as good as that one in that restaurant. It was brilliantly cooked, brilliant quality. It was a 500g Steak, ENTRECOT for just 15€!! I was sharing this steak with my friend while he was sharing some other steaks (about 800 g)...

    0 , 5 years ago
  • La Bombilla

    La Bombilla is a small place in heart of A Coruna, best various tapas, by only 1 Euro, the perfect place for Erasmus students. Just be hurry because places are always limited, but you can enjoy with the adjacent crowded environment by chatting with local and not only...

    0 , 7 years ago
  • Guachinche La Casona

    “Guachinche” is a traditional restaurant at Tenerife. It’s called like that because the former inhabitants of the island were called Guanches and the restaurants are mostly situated in the mountains, a bit away from cities. The owners are producing their own wine...

    0 , 8 years ago

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