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Published by romulus martin — 4 days ago

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I'm Romulus, I'm from Romania, I'm 50 and I discover how hard is to be an Erasmus student at my age in Spain.Most of the people look very strange to me because of my age and "occupation". Is hard to find a proper room in A Coruña.Most of them are full of humidity, smells very bad and for these conditions owners ask 200 Euro or more for one month. age or not knowing Spanish.Other problem is at UDC, even I have an Learning Agreement in English all courses are in Spanish.I think some logistic problems for Erasmus students can be solved. as in any similar city of Europe.The transportation routes are ok, the tickets are a little overpriced (for me), but that's it.If you don 't know Spanish you have some trouble to understand with common people, is easier with French or Portuguese than English.In Malls, hotels you find someone who speaks some English.That's after 2 weeks in A Coruña.

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