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La Coruña experience, Spain by Maria

La Coruña experience, Spain by Maria.


What was it like to live in La Coruña? Would you recommend it? What is it like?

I found it a really nice place to live and also it has a really wide coast that has an incredible maritime promenade. It has a wide range of leisure and social activities so it is impossible to get bored. In addition, living in Coruña is very affordable.

What is the student life like in La Coruña?

The truth is there is enough partying. There are two very close campuses where all the university activity is concentrated, and there are several activities organized by the university and groups associated with it, mainly for Erasmus students but everyone can join, every day of the week. Erasmus parties are par excellence on Wednesdays, however, you can find a party any day of the week (you have to know how to find the area) except for a Monday... when it is all a little dead. Going out on Sundays is best in Santa Cristina (a couple of Km from Coruña) where the faculty of Inef is located, it also has beach and with the best party atmosphere to end the week.

How much does it cost to live in La Coruña?

Well, I couldn't say but to live in a shared flat you can find things from 150 or 170 euros. Depending on the flat and how much central it is, the price will rise. However, I have never heard anyone say that a flat costs more than 250 euros/month, however well located it may be. The truth is that it is quite affordable, and everyone can choose the standard of living they want/can have.

Did you have trouble finding accommodation in La Coruña? Can you give any advice?

It's not hard at all. You can use both the internet, real estate... There is always some flats available. After the summer months, up to October, any later it is more difficult to find a whole flat to share (for example, if you are three people it will be more difficult to find a student flat for you three). So, yeah, all year round there are rooms available to rent with the right kitchen, living room... and at a good price. To search for these offers online, whether there are pages for rent in Coruña, or Erasmus associations or even the university itself can help facilitate this process.

How's the country's food? What are your favourite dishes?

Without a doubt, the Galician food is of great quality and of course very varied and delicious! In Coruña you have an incredible number of places to choose from, either be more exquisite or enjoy more of a tapas dinner. One of my favourite places is "O recuncho de Maite" a very central and intimate place (it's a little place) where my favourite tapas is "Raxo al roquefort", mmm! However, there are a number of great places and each time I find more. It is best to go without a certain destination and stop at the smallest hidden place you can see. They are always the best, with the most homemade and typical food.

Which places do you recommend visiting in La Coruña?

I could not name a specific place, beyond the boundaries for everyone, especially for tourists... The Tower of Hercules, the Plaza of Mary Pita, Mount St. Peter, The House of the Fish, The House of Sciences and the Domus, the park of Santa Margarita...

From my point of view, Coruña is a beautiful city and with a charm that catches anyone who visits it. The best thing is not to have a goal in mind but to enjoy every corner that you come across and the pleasant walk to the seashore.

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