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Things to do in A Coruña

Published by flag-it Giulia Pia Carleton — 5 years ago

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I have just come back from an Erasmus+ experience in A Coruña, an absolutely gorgeous city in the region of Galicia. It is very different from the stereotipycal Spain because of the Celtic origins that they have, therefore they are not all about bull-fights and famenco and don't mix these things up too often otherwise you will offend them, trust me on this... There are soo many original and fascinating things to do there it is impossible to get bored!

  • Go out and enjoy a nice plate of "Pulpo" (squid)! Be warned: it can be a little bit saty because of the spices that they use;
  • Go up to San Pedro (the mountain overlooking the ocean) on foot or with the cable-car;
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  • Visit the beautiful San Anton castle on the ocean that doubles as an Archeological and historic museum;
  • Go and enjoy a bit of art in the Art museum... it is massive!
  • For those that enjoy history, war or machinery, there is the Military Museum;
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  • Being in Spain, they love cuture, so they organize quite often different types of exhibitions in various areas of the city (to get the information, you need to go to the tourist point near the shopping centre);
  • The city is absolutely ful to the brim of parks, in fact, one park has been transformed in a science centre;
  • The "Domus, la casa del hombre" a fascinating museum on the human body;
  • Have a walk in the old medieval city neaar the port;
  • Have a daytrip in one of the cities that are close by (for example, Santiago de Compostela);
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  • Have an intense walk along the beach or go and have a swim in the ocean;
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  • Enjoy the view from a different prespective.. for example, a beautiful old tower;
  • Have a day out shopping at the Marinera shopping centre or go to the city centre and see wht you can find (I advise the centre for originnal souveniers);
  • Visit Pablo Picasso's house;
  • See the tecnology museum;
  • Otherwise the watch museum in the counsil building;
  • Visit the acquarium on the ocean;
  • Go and see the beautiful square of Maria Pita, in front of the port;
  • Enjoy the nightlife in a bar or a Disco. Be warned: nightlife starts very late...
  • Enhance your personal culture by going to see a show at the opera house. Or if you don't like them, just go to see the building, it is magnificent!
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I loved every minute of my experience and I would love to go back to A Coruña in the future!

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