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Eleonora D'Addato

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Czech Republic

Eleonora D'Addato

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Eleonora activity

  • Experience

    Experience in Foggia, Italy by Eleonora

    What is the student lifestyle like in Foggia? Depends, it's not so funny but there are usually an Erasmus party or university party and during the Summer You can go to the Sea or swimming poolHow much does it cost to live in Foggia? Really cheapIs it difficult to find...

    0 by Eleonora in Erasmus experiences Foggia, 5 days ago
  • Roommate

    25 y.o. girls looking for a cheep accomodation for 10 months

    I'm an open minded people, kindly and friendly, that need a cheep room, also shared with other people, for ten months for my Erasmus in CZU in Prague. I don't have any preference, we are all human. The only important things is that I hate dirty people so please think...

    in Roommates Prague, 14 days ago

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