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    Molly Malones

    For anyone who has already been to Helsinki I've no doubt but this pub has been visited at some point. Names as one of the Top 50 Irish pubs in Europe, and twinned with Ireland's oldest pub from 1198, The Brazen Head in Dublin, Mollys is conveniently located just 2...

    by C in Cafe, cocktail, beer Helsinki, 8 years ago
  • Blog

    Hello Helsinki!

    The first day as an Erasmus student in Helsingin Yliopisto, or the University of Helsinki, invoved going to the the main campus on Yliopistonkatu 3 which was luckily located very close to the main train station, as was the majority of the main campus and...

    0 by C in Erasmus tips, 8 years ago
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    1 of the 1001 train journeys to do before you die!

    When I was trying to choose a place to travel to for Erasmus I was partly swayed by friends, the country itself and also the courses offered. I had settled on Poland for my first choice as a combination of all three of the above. However as I came closer to the time for...

    0 by C in Erasmus tips, 8 years ago
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    Back when I was in secondary school and was being commandeered to choose a university and future career, I was, in my typical headstrong way, convinced that Journalism was what I was destined for. Luckily my parents, in their sound adult wisdom (and perhaps slightly...

    0 by C in Erasmus blog Finland, 8 years ago

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