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Bethany Davies

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Bethany Davies

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  • Blog

    Il mio primo viaggio da sola

    Yes.. Travelling.. Sang Lucio Battisti... and I believe there is nothing more wonderful, and there never will be, and that it will always be a positive experience. Buying a ticket and setting out in search of new worlds. Buying a ticket and setting out in search of...

    0 by Bethany in General, 12 days ago
  • Experience

    Erasmus in Ciudad Real

    Why did I decide to go to Ciudad Real, Spain? I was looking for a department that would offer the same course as my university in Italy, in a not too large or overly chaotic city. Ciudad Real offered the right balance. What is the student environment like in Ciudad...

    0 by Bethany in Erasmus experiences UCLM , 12 days ago
  • Place

    Verona, Borgo Roma Università

    Verona, Borgo Roma. The university is really great. It offers skills training, studies, culture and a multi-lingual city that has so much to offer. There are numerous faculties and fantastic opportunities for female Erasmus students. I recommend both the university and...

    by Bethany in What to do Verona, 12 days ago

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