💎 Spanish Conversation in South America. 速升西文商務能力

  • Virginia · Teaches: Spanish
    Speaks: EnglishB1 · SpanishNative

My lessons have multiple purposes🌟 focus on: 🚩 skill improvement, including communication, 🚩 authentic relating and 🚩 team dynamics.

Self-awareness is developed, in order to expand and broaden student's goals 🏆 and horizons.

I use my teaching experience to help students with:

✅ Freetalk 🗣
✅ Watch videos on YouTube for listening skills 🎥
✅ Speaking and listening for daily conversation. 💬
✅ Writing emails and messages. 📝
✅ Reading short stories and daily 🗞 news article in Spanish.
✅ Understandings terms particular for travelers.

✨ Do you want to know more about me?

Look for me on LinkedIn and you will find what my students think about me and their improvement speaking Spanish. 🗨️

Find me as 👉 Virginia Zamora Villalta Spanish Teacher 🏷️

See you soon!

one month ago

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9 € / per hour

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