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Hi, I'm Elizabeth founder of Hola Spanish Lessons, I'm a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language with five years of experience in London. I'm qualified by the University of Barcelona and I also have a bachelor's degree in accounting.

I´ve taught at Coventry University, London Campus, private companies, Children School, and private lessons too.

My rate is per person, although considering that you are students, I offer you group lessons where each participant pays £10 pounds.

I teach all levels of Spanish, for all ages, you can check reviews from my students on google by typing "Hola Spanish Lessons Reviews"

For more details

You can find my student's reviews on Google Reviews.

I added a few videos on my YouTube channel "Hola Spanish Lessons" You can go into my channel, and you'll find videos with a few free lessons.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Hasta Luego :)

6 months ago

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20 € / per hour

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