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Hi, I'm Adela, I'm a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language with five years of experience teaching online. I'm qualified by the University of Barcelona and I also have a bachelor's degree in engenieering.
A bit about me:

*Right after I graduated, I started teaching
Math, Physics and English. It was then when I realized what my true vocation was.

*I got another degree in Venezela for teaching.

*I've traveled to different parts of the world and taught in Latin America and Europe.

*I got a degree in Spain for teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

*I've worked with children in primary, secondary schools and homeschool and tutoring adults.

*I'm a certified interpreter Spanish/English - English/Spanish.

*I'm a published author. Reading, writing and teaching are the biggest passions of my life.

*For the last 5 years I have been dedicated to do online teaching. I have had the opportunity to teach on different platforms to 4-year-old’s, all the way to 70-year-olds and older. Over 600 online classes taught.

So, whatever is your reason for learning spanish I'm sure I can help you or your learner.

Book a lesson with me and let's start from there.

I’ll see you soon.

I look forward to hearing from you.

6 months ago

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10 € / per hour

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