💎 Business Spanish teacher in South America.

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Hi!👋 I teach 🧑🏻‍🏫 Spanish for Business online over 9 years. I've been working online in Brazil🇧🇷, Taiwan🇹🇼 and USA🇺🇸

🎯Expertise on Spanish for Entrepreneurial Culture and Business Communication.

I am from Guayaquil - Ecuador 🇪🇨

🎓 What do I offer to you?
My lessons are aimed at professionals working in finance, business and trade, undergraduate and graduate students in these and other related fields. These are my courses:
📌 Spanish for Entrepreneurial Culture and Business Communication.
📌 Spanish for Business Management and Administration.
📌 Spanish for travelers and different situations in South America.

💼 How does it work?
My lessons have multiple purposes, the sessions focus on skill improvement, including communication, authentic relating and team dynamics. Self-awareness is developed, in order to expand and broaden student's goals 🏆 and horizons.

💪 I use my teaching experience and business knowledge experience to help students with issues including:
🚩 Preparing for job interviews.
🚩 Giving presentations.
🚩 Speaking and listening during the conference calls.
🚩 Writing emails and messages.
🚩 Reading reports and articles in Spanish.
🚩 Understandings terms particular to industries like Finance, Entrepreneurial Culture, Business communication and Administration.

Also, an approach to the reality of the business and commercial world in the Spanish-speaking sphere.

👇👇👇👀 👀👇👇👇
*****I teach Spanish for Adults 👩 👨.*****
*****My classes are on Spanish and English.*****

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15 € / per hour

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