Professor de PortugĂȘs para estrangeiros formado em Letras PortuguĂȘs/InglĂȘs

  • ⭐ Premium Walmir · Teaches: Portuguese
    Speaks: EnglishC1 · PortugueseNative

Hello! My name is Walmir, I am Brazilian, graduated in Portuguese / English Letters, I have already worked in a private school, teaching English classes to children aged four to seven, I worked in the public school, teaching English and English to students aged 10 to 17 years . I like to meet people from other parts of the world and understand and practice the language of my country. I will be very happy to help you learn English in a simple and objective way. Schedule a class to get to know my work. A hug!

one month ago

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12 € / per hour

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