Certified Modern/Ancient Greek Language Teacher With 15 Years of Experience

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    Speaks: EnglishC2 · SpanishB1 · FrenchC2 · GreekNative

Hello! Γειά σας!! My name is Dimitra and I have chosen the career of modern/ancient Greek language teacher because teaching is a real passion for me and I love helping my adult and younger students discover the greek culture and language. I have studied Greek literature and I hold a Ma in teaching modern greek as a foreign language from the National and Kapodestrian University of Athens. I have a very big experience teaching Greek in Greece and in France.
I really hope that you can enjoy that amazing journey of discovery along with me! I have lived in France for three years where I taught modern/ancient Greek and greek literature in public schools and language associations in Toulouse and Villeneuve sur Lot.
I also love the theatre and music! I also write poetry and I can help you discover some of the greatest ancient and modern Greek writers and thinkers in a very enjoyable way!

3 months ago

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18 € / per hour

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