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English Tutoring Classes via Skype - Teacher with C1 Level in English (Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE))

  • Francisco · Teaches: English
    Speaks: EnglishC1 · PortugueseNative

My name's Francisco and I'm a 21 year old portuguese boy, finishing his bachelor's degree in Journalism in just a few months.
I have the C1 level in Cambridge English, (CAE - Certificate in Advanced English), so I'm qualified to help people who are struggling with translations or just want to learn a little bit more of English.
I'm been doing it on a more professional way, since 17th october 2019 and the results are good!


For about 5 years, I've had English classes in an portuguese English teaching School.
In 2017 I went on an interrail, all by myself, for about 3 weeks, which not only forced me to improve my day-to-day english, (as I needed it to do literally everything), but also had me meet a lot of different people, with a wide range of nacionalities, from brazillian, to japanese, south african, canadian, scottish, and a lot more.

I've always loved the english language, but, since that trip, I've came to love it a little more. Now, my goal is to help as many people as I can, feel the same way as I do about this language. I can promess a creative, fun an interactive learning and, of course, sharing travel experiences between us, if you want, as I'm also a travel lover!

I'm also a native portuguese, with great knowledge on the right way to speak and write portuguese, because of my university background, so I'm qualified to help you with portuguese as well.

I'm willing to teach people from all ages, as I long as I feel that I'm capable of doing a great job. I suggest you text me with what you need to get better at and I'll do my best to help you!
As for our schedule, I'm sure we can get an agreement between yours and mine :)


FCE (First Certificate in English) - 2015
CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) - 2016
High School - Maximum grades in English
Since 17th october 2019 - Teaching english on my own


Pack 5h -> 30€

Pack 10h -> 60€

one month ago

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7 € / per hour

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