Certified TEFL Native English speaker (UK)

  • Rebecca · Teaches: English
    Speaks: ChineseB1 · FrenchB2

Hello! My name is Rebecca from the UK. I am a friendly, enthusiastic person and teacher and I will help you improve your English with confidence in a fun way :)
I believe in taking a non-pressured approach to learning (you can learn at your own pace) focussing on lots of speaking and listening practise.
Language learning should be enjoyable- By helping create a love for the language you will be more eager to practise and improve!
I can be very flexible as to what topics you want to cover-from foundations like grammar to conversational English and slag.
I have experience giving online lessons to nursing students in Indonesia.
I have a passion for languages myself, and so I would love to share this with my students.
Please do get in touch!

24 days ago

Tags: Lessons

7 € / per hour

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