English and French Speakers! Learn Arabic in No Time directly from a Native Speaker!

  • Abdelghani · Teaches: Arabic
    Speaks: EnglishC1 · FrenchB2 · ArabNative

Hello, Hope you are doing well! Bonjour, j'espére que vous allez bien!
my name is Abdelghani Bourenane from Algeria, I am a native Arabic speaker and I can speak English and French fluently, will be pursuing my studies at the University of Pavia starting from this September 2021.
As an experienced Arabic teacher who have been delivering Arabic courses for international students coming from different 25 countries to our university in Algeria, I will be more than happy to help culture and diversity lovers to learn a language that will open doors for them to discover the rich Arabic heritage
Arabic is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It is actually ranked as top six of the world's major languages.
Through setting language learning goals, everyday use of words, getting real life practice, and studying "smart" you will be speaking the language in no time!
Some people say Arabic is a challenging language to learn. However, Arabic has the 'appearance' of difficulty because of its squiggly lines, harsh-sounding pronunciation and foreign cultures but when you really get started, you quickly discover many reasons why it is - in fact - easier than most major languages to learn. Let's get started!
Online sessions option is welcomed too!
Many surpises to come, as our sessions will be interactive and fun learning based, thanks to my experience in animating energizing games and activities

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7 € / per hour

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