Arabic and Quran Tutor with 5 Years of experience in Education

  • Ammar · Teaches: Arabic
    Speaks: EnglishA2 · ArabNative

An educational leader/licensed Quran teacher with 5+ years in teaching Arabic and the Quran to non-Arabic speakers. I believe in the message I am conveying, and have a student-centered approach of teaching whereby student achievement and enjoyment are the center of learning. I do use different strategies to meet the varying needs of students. Whether you prefer visual, kinesthetic or auditory means of communication, stay assured that you will find what you are looking for in sha a Allah. My methodology of teaching is in no way traditional; I use different platforms to engage students in learning. Feedback would be provided on a weekly basis with the parent to ensure that progress is made every session. Alhamdulillah my outstanding work has been recognized and celebrated everywhere I worked. the latest is teacher of the month award I received in recognition of my outstanding care and dedication. I would like to offer you a 30-minute session for free to see how my teaching looks like. Looking forward to taking you to the next level in your Quran and Arabic learning journey.

13 days ago

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10 $ / per hour

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