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SSBM - Swiss School of Business and Management (SSBM)

  • Location Online (from Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Type of Degree Master
  • Start Date Request info
  • Duration 1 year
  • Application Deadline Request info
  • Language English
  • Attendance Online
  • Dedication Full-time
  • Pace Self-paced
  • Tuition fees 7000 €

Program description

MBA focuses on 3 key areas that deal with global aspects:

  • Innovation & Disruption.
  • Leadership.
  • Management.

The Online Global MBA program consists of core courses that you have to complete. Some of the topics include: The continued rise of AI, Feeding a culture transformation, Keeping up with data eruption, Robots, Increased value for human skills, Automation drives new skill shifts, Ethical challenges for leaders and businesses.

Overall, the Online Global MBA is composed of 10 core courses that will be taught by leading experts from over 20 industry and business partners.

For the online learning system, we are using a platform used by Harvard and MIT.

We offer 2 different Online MBA programs: Online Global MBA and Online Executive MBA.

Both programs have similar content, however, they differ in the knowledge acquisition level. The Online Global MBA offers a more global and international perspective. The Online Executive MBA will allow you to acquire deeper knowledge on executive level topics.

Premium Knowledge

In-depth knowledge on latest organizational and leadership topics.

Global Orientation

You will get a holistic and strategic understanding of business.


Global MBA fits with working professional busy schedule by providing flexible study structure.


Our Online Global MBA will help you prepare to assume senior level management roles in a variety of organizations and industries. Many of our graduates are currently employed in the following roles Director, CEO, Vice President, Senior Management, Owner / Partner, Entrepreneur, HR Expert, etc.

Overall Online Global MBA brings the following aspects to your career development:

  • Conduct professional competency building activities.
  • Acquire a global orientation.
  • Develop real-life problem solving abilities.
  • Provide practical orientation to management theory.
  • Get a holistic and strategic understanding of business.
  • Implement innovative and creative thinking.
  • See entrepreneurship in action.
  • Acquire a collaborative mindset.

Online Global MBA

The Online Global MBA was designed in partnership with over 20 business and industry partners.

The Online Global MBA program is offered in English, brings 60 ECTS credits, and is organised into core courses and seminars. Earn your Online Global MBA in 12 months or less while continuing to work and building your on-the-job experience. The program takes place Online.

The practical relevance and applicability of the curriculum are the focal points of this postgraduate program. The Online Global MBA’s course contents cover a broad spectrum of relevant management topics, such as corporate finance, global business environment, leadership, marketing and communications, supply chain management and strategy. During your studies, you will gain access to productive practice-based projects and learn how to apply the curriculum directly to real life situations.

All of the lectures follow high standards and are delivered by our professors or Deloitte lecturers. Our professors will keep you engaged, motivated and will provide high quality teaching experience in order to leverage your professional development and advance your career.

Online Teaching Experience

The online teaching experience is an important factor when deciding to study online. At SSBM, we aim to provide top-notch learning experience. Do you want to see how our Online Teaching Experience looks like?

Experts in Business Education

We are “Experts in Business Education”. Our core values stand on:

  • Innovation.
  • Diversity.
  • Connectivity.
  • Expertise.

We offer Swiss quality through unique Experience, Exchange, Everywhere and Engagement.


Networking is one of our core strategic directions.

SSBM has signed a strategic partnership with MBA Alumni clubs enabling SSBM MBA students to become members of the MBA Alumni Club. This will provide our MBA students with new networking opportunities to connect with peers from the same, but also different industries. Having a diverse student body is one of SSBM’s main objectives.

SSBM Connect

How about connecting with your peers, alumni, students, professors, industry leaders and companies we work with? SSBM enables this through our unique and innovative “SSBM Connect” platform where you can engage, interact and socialize with the SSBM community!

Still Wondering Why Study at SSBM?

SSBM is a truly innovative and leading business and management school that aims at taking education to a new level! We aim at providing a superior learning experience that will have a direct impact on your professional development.

With our unique programs you will strengthen your strategic vision, efficiency and leadership to manage today’s organizations.

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