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Master of Business Administration

EU Business School - Munich Campus (EU MUNICH)

  • Location Munich, Germany
  • Type of Degree Master
  • Start Date 2021/09/27
  • Duration 1 year
  • Application Deadline 2021/09/03
  • Language English
  • Attendance On Campus
  • Dedication Full-time
  • Pace Instructor-paced
  • Tuition fees 22500 €

Program description


The MBA is designed for business professionals with over two years of professional work experience.

This program is for professionals who want to change their career path, move into managerial positions or expand their existing skill set. The MBA takes an in-depth look at subjects, from marketing to economics and covers topics integral to the modern business world. Our practical hands-on approach to learning includes group projects, case studies, class discussions, business simulations and workshops, among others, providing students with real-world business experience.

Within the MBA degree path, students also earn an EU Business School Certificate of Advanced Studies in one of these 11 majors:

  • International Business
  • Communication & Public Relations
  • International Marketing
  • Global Banking & Finance
  • Leisure & Tourism Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Business
  • Sports Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Design Management
  • Blockchain Management

Degree Awarded

A state-accredited MSc in International Management from the University of Roehampton in London, U. K.

A Certificate of Advanced Studies from EU Business School Switzerland in the selected major.


EU's faculty is composed of highly qualified academics, entrepreneurs, consultants and business leaders. All courses are taught by lecturers with a wealth of practical experience in their fields. Our teaching staff create a personalized and interactive learning environment that promotes and fosters the skills and knowledge required for a successful career in business. The caliber of the faculty and a culture that values and rewards an entrepreneurial spirit are what make EU Business School stand out.

Program Structure

The Master of Business Administration (MBA, 90 ECTS) is aimed at students who have at least two years of work experience. This is one-year, three-term, full-time degree or a two-year, six-term part-time degree with start dates in October, January and March. It gives students the opportunity to develop a global outlook, build on existing business aptitudes and foster managerial and leadership skills.

Learning Outcomes

Students of the MBA program develop the ability to explore, examine and adeptly analyze various business topics through their final projects. As part of this dual program, students will:

  • Learn to critically apply brand management techniques to enhance brand effectiveness in a business context.
  • Examine the theory and practice of planning, decision-making and control in business.
  • Explore activities essential to the development, execution and evaluation of a business plan.
  • Analyze strategic change management and decision-making in different types of organization, including large corporations, SMEs and public sector bodies.

Career Options

Upon completion of EU’s MBA, students are able to work in various fields of international business and possess the essential skills to start their own business ventures. Some of our graduates have held some of the following positions:

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are responsible for planning, creating and implementing marketing campaigns for products, brands and organizations. Their portfolio will include various brands or product lines which are managed by their reports. Their tasks include market segmentation, research, promotion, advertising and reporting as well as budgeting and competitor benchmarking, among others.

International Business Analyst

International business analysts help companies successfully expand into foreign markets and/or grow their business abroad. They work across a multitude of sectors. As part of their job function, they will undertake financial analyses, research local laws and regulations, carry out market research, develop business plans and strategies and make project proposals to fulfill an organization’s objectives abroad. International business analysts will undertake risk analysis.

Digital Growth Manager

Digital growth managers are in charge of the development and implementation of digital strategies that will increase traffic to an organization’s website and generate online sales. Their main task is to optimize customer conversion (CRO). These professionals are in charge of managing and developing the company website and online shop, and they will be involved in content creation and design. They are also responsible for campaign management and will be proficient in SEO, SEM and PPC.

Senior Product Manager

Senior product managers work with product managers within the marketing department of an organization. They are in charge of the marketing actions of a specific product or product line and will ensure that it meets pre-established objectives set by management within a predetermined budget. Their tasks include tracking market share, creating and implementing brand actions including promotional campaigns, reviewing market research and reporting, among others.

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