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There are lots of picnic families. There are special picnic areas. In summer, Folk Artists organized by Bolu Municipality perform in Abant Lake.
Around the lake, special hiking trails and people use bicycles. Horse tour and camel tour was quite nice as was the safari for the first time around the lake. Our hotel
Since everything is included in the morning after breakfast, we set out towards Istanbul. On the way, Safranbolu had a break. If the stopover is necessary
all our needs. Tea and coffee after the road came out. On the journey between Yalova and Istanbul, the ferry car with the service of life.
Using Osman Gazi Bridge, we came to Istanbul much easier

Ephesus open-air museum is the easiest as a direct direct flight to Izmir after the extremely luxury road thanks to a very short time, the road has come down to a much shorter.
We stayed in a apart-style hotel in Izmir Konak district. Already Izmir Turkey as a holiday destination in both industry and the 3rd largest population on the edge of the sea
is known as province. Kusadası is an important port of cruise ships. Here you can tour the daily Ephesus. So Ephesus open-air museum every period of the year is very
crowded. We entered the museum following a special security at the entrance of the museum. Ephesus is very large and has a wide road to the beach. Most important buildings antalya airport transfer
The temple is also located on this road of the Palace, which belongs to the ruler of Ephesus. At the end of this road, there is the Celes Libray of Ephesus, which is really remarkable.
Hayla is very solid and with a lot of wear and tear scene and tribunes as well as at least 10,000 people with Gladiator games and many artistic performances and concerts.
It is made. Of course, here is an important religious center near Mary House. It is within walking distance of the hotel. In really tight maquis woodland
hiding place. The Vatican is regarded by the Pope as one of the places of the Cross. There are fountains belonging to Mary House very close to here. He both in Aydın province
important sightseeing resort.

Fabulous trip that we made in Turkey in the sky in mind circulated among the remaining balloons. It was really a trip to be forgotten. Watch CAppadocia from above
and it was much more impressive to look from above. Perhaps the next generation of the children of the next generation of my grandchildren should be protected from. Uc fortress from above
people are sitting in the cafe where people are drinking tea. Insalra walks through Cappadocia in small groups of 10. Tab. Cappadocia open air museum abroad or province
people from outside came with buses. The museum belongs to the parking lot even if it is very full. Especially Japanese and Korean have too many visitors. Of course, at the last time Newsehir Cappadocia airport
the opening of overseas flights to many more visitors here. We have a beautiful cave in the world called cave which is formed with natural paths only in Cappadocia region
stayed at the hotel. The interior and exterior of the hotel is completely decorated with Turkish motifs. For breakfast we brought breakfast from the villages of Cappadocia.
Freshly squeezed fruit juices are made of organic goat's milk and I've eaten yogurt in the sweetest dessert in my life. Immediately after breakfast giving a nice force and energy bodrum airport transfer
If we stay at the Cave Apart hotel with private car Cappadocia underground cities to leave the hotel we left. A large number of people in this region made with nature and roads
There are underground cities.

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