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Far away from home, growing in different directions.

It is said that: every cloud has a silver lining, and I can fiercely claimed that this idiom it is completely true.

Since last year I was wishing the fact of coming to Wageningen, to deep my self in a new environment, friendly, multicultural, international; learn from the others, from my surroundings and gather as much experience as I could. I was looking forward to be envolved in a big, gorgeous and marvelous adventure and I achieved my main goal.

Nowadays, I only can say how glad and pleased I am. Indeed, going abroad is one of the best experiences of your life. You get to know yourself, you find up some hidden skills that you ever know you have, you blossom into a better you. You mature, grow in a personal and in an academic way, start to build up your own personality, in a nutshell you become an open-minded person. Moreover, your confidence in yourself increases over time. SPECTACULAR.

I am not going to lie, the beginning was hard, I exerted myself as much as I could to adapt myself to the new place, new friends, new kind of work. At first, everything was difficult, not satisfactory at all, but it was just matter of time. Day after day, you get used to ride the bike and use it for absolutely everything ( as Dutch people say: is smarter ride the bike than walk, if you have legs, use them for ride, you will reach your destination faster), get used to the weather, to the sandwich for lunch or the parties ending at 2 a.m.

You realized that you are making big, you are doing things,ENORMOUS things, by yourself, that you are valuable, intelligent, powderful, that you worth, you are strong enough to face up even when the going gets tough.That you are able to shine without light and you can overtake any obstacle. From time to time, could be hard to wake up in the morning, jump into the shower and think that everything you are exposed to is awesome when is not BUT then, in this moment you are mature enough for thinking…May deal with this situation? Resigning yourself? Of course not, you notice that you are more than brave to go fordward and find out a solution. Even though, someone say you rude words, treat you in a bad way, in spite of the discussions, yells you could have, some tear dropped because of someone non emotional skilled, despite the unlucky situation you could live. You are a treasure, you should keep it in mind and never ever forget it.

Life is not a piece of cake, but, breath deeply, count back to ten and start again, No one is going to stop you, to step your desires, so, go for it, chase your dreams, cheer yourself up, and keep going. Follow your heart. Do not let no one to let you down. Believe, it is real, after the rain comes the sun, and you will obtain everything you desire. 

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