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R&R in campus

Published by Fabio Barcelos — one year ago

Blog: Warsaw
Tags: Erasmus blog WULS-SGGW, WULS-SGGW, Poland

Chapter 11 - "Resting" 

    After getting back from my journeys throughout europe I got back to the "hellhole" to rest for a while, not only to improve my health which was not too great in the first place, but to rest my mind as well. I felt like I overexerted my limits so now I had to rest my body and recuperate and for this my beloved couch was waiting for me! At first I noticed that the apartment was cleaned, this came as a surprise because when I left that place was a dumpster, almost smelled like one too, so my impression of my roomate increased a little for the better, I also noticed that a few of my things had changed location, but I didn't put too much thought into this since everything was there so my skepticism went away pretty quick. Before I had left for this big trip I remember her saying that by the time I came back to the apartment she would be back in the azores our home islands to attend to some celebration of some sort. I believe her reasons for going back where different, but I never cared much to ask her about it. The reason I'm saying this will be explained in the next chapters to come and you may take your own conclusions about it.

    I spent one day in that place alone and I didn't felt good, I mean, my body was better, but my mind was not. After weeks of travelling and being with people I had accostumed myself to this so I needed human contact fast. I talked to my greek friends and to "napoleon" and invited them to have dinner at the apartment, since the place was small I couldn't have too many people inside at the same time, at most maybe seven, but that was the limit. I'm the kind of person that tends to follow the rules, even if sometimes (more like alot of times) I break them, I have values like everybody else and responsibility is one of them, especially when it comes to something that it's not yours to begin with. When someone tells me that I can't throw a party in some place I don't do it, period. Even if I'm paying two hundred and fifty euros I don't want to interfere in people's lifes or disturb them in any way, especially people like my neighbours who had been living in that building for months or more likely years. Probably their entire lifes even. This is to say that I only wanted to have a nice and calm night with my friends, with respect to the other greek and french people I invited only "napoleon" and the girls I had been travelling for the last weeks, mainly because I wanted to talk to them and because they hadn't been to my place yet.

     Now that my memory returns a little, I remember that during that day I went to shop with "napoleon" to the local supermarket close to the university for some ingredients for our dinner. He was going to make us chicken with mashed potatos dressed in peanut butter and tomato sauce. Yeah you read correctly PEANUT BUTTER, I need to ask the guy for that recipe, it was unusual but rather tasty. Of course as drinking material we had polish vodka and juice, while the food was cooking we started to play some drinking/card games to put as more at will and confortable in a way that we started to speak about our lifes (more like our sexual lifes). I'm a guy who before Erasmus didn't drink much, so I can't take alcohol very well, it's safe to say that by the time the cooking was done I was already drunk, but not too much that I couldn't see anything in front of me. The dinner ended with the girl in the picture bellow helping me to go to my loyal couch, it was a funny night that got me wasted when all I wanted was to relax. Ahaha :)


    The next day I woke up fairly well and started to get ready to go to the university, to my surprise all the greek and french people I knew had plans or classes so their rooms where out of the question to hang out...This was a big problem for me, I only had one class that lasted about an hour and a half, so I started to research on my facebook profile for cool people to hang out for sometime after my class. I didn't want to go back that early to the apartment, the trip itself to come to the university was tiring enough mind as well go there for only one class. I happened to come across my fellow portuguese countryman who were online so I contacted them to know if they would "host" me for a little while. Knowing what the answer was a positive one I prepared myself and got into the bus. I was surprised when I got there and saw that they must have awoken not too long before I got there, since one of them was getting dressed and the other one was still in bed eating cereal from this big green bowl...I don't know why I remembered that particular detail. 

    In any case, my portuguese friends had classes, but one of them was going to stay in the dorm making me company because (the tall guy in the picture) he didn't had the patience nor cared about going to class anyways. We stayed there chilling for a couple of hours untill someone message us saying that there would be a gathering for Erasmus students in the grass inside the campus. That day was amazing, the weather was really good, the best we had actually got since coming to Poland, of course this didn't last long. 


      A few hours later we were again using our jackets and hoddies, but that didn't stop us. When you are having fun you don't care about heat or cold, you just care about the time moving too fast, fast enough that when you realize it nightfall at already settled in and I was in deep trouble. I didn't knew how to get back to the apartment by night bus and the metro was already closed, the reason I didn't used google maps if you are wondering was because my app stopped working decently in my phone for some reason. So a dilemma occurred, either take my chances with the night bus that was coming in about an hour or sleep outside, my portuguese homies gave me another solution. Sleep in their dorm.


    We debated a while about this because there was a reason I hadn't attemped this yet, the lady in the secretary who monitored everyone who came in and out of the dorms. Naturally some solutions to fix this problem came to mind, but we all agreed that the direct aproach was also the easiest one. Meaning, might you be asking? Front door! Simple plan, use my friends as a shield or a barrier to block the view of the lady and gain access into the building. I'm a small guy with about 1,60 meters, but once in a while that comes as an advantage for me, being small and fast I could get away from people's eyesight in an instance and that's exacly what happened. The plan worked! 

     I was so happy that I was inside the campus, no more worries about catching the bus on time to come to the university. I slept on the floor, but to be fair that couch I slept in the "hellhole" was a floor itself if not more unconfortable (not joking). For once I was relaxed and I had company, great company that made me laugh all the time! 


       I'll finish up this chapter here since the next events will take up alot of detail and I get the feeling that this chapter is already a "heavy" reading as it is. Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope you're having fun reading my "adventures". Peace out! :D

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